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10 Questions for Kevin

  1. What is data literacy? (it's more than just reading a chart)
  2. Why should everyone have a basic understanding of data literacy? (your opinion matters)
  3. How do our brains make decisions? (there is a science to decision-making)
  4. How can I become aware of individual and organizational bias? (so we can grow as people while avoiding costly mistakes)
  5. How can I turn data into wisdom? (a clear process and methodology for turning data Information into powerful insights for your company)
  6. When you think of data, do you think of complex charts and dashboards, things that are best left up to the experts to decipher?
  7. How Does Bias Get in the Way of Decisions Within Organizations?
  8. What Components Need to Exist Within an Organization to Drive a Strong Data Culture?
  9. What Are a Few of the Key Blockers Organization’s Face Turning Data Into Wisdom?
  10. Why Is This Important Now?