About Kevin Hanegan

Kevin Hanegan is chief learning officer at Qlik, a data analytics company and a Fast Company top-10 innovator in Social Good. Kevin’s passion is the intersection of business, technology, learning, and psychology. He promotes diversity and inclusion within company processes and brings a human approach to topics that may at first seem dry or intimidating. Kevin holds a master of science in organizational performance and workplace learning and a bachelor of science in mathematics and computer science. He has authored a number of computer software and language books, regularly blogs for Qlik, and has taught online university courses for respected institutions since 2006. He lives with his wife and four children in Massachusetts.

Kevin brings his wealth of knowledge on topics of data literacy, data-informed decision-making, and essential skills for today’s worker to the many conferences and seminars he has spoken at globally. Kevin believes the world is constantly evolving and we should always be evolving and improving ourselves in business and in our personal life.

Through many years of working in a variety of businesses and industries, Kevin has been able to leverage technology and psychology, along with data and analytics, to improve organizational performance and transform businesses into high performing organizations.

Kevin frequently speaks and writes on topics of data-informed decision making, the future of learning, and growth mindset.

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